About us

Some people say, Freckles are unique and beautiful.  I believe every woman should feel unique and beautiful.

My name is Angie Henderson and I am the owner and designer of Freckle Face Jewellery.

Freckle Face designs fashion Jewellery in a variety of styles that can be personalized to reflect each woman’s unique style.  Our Jewellery inspires women to feel confident and gives them the opportunity to express who they are. 

I grew up being called Freckle Face which at the time felt like a negative thing.  Over the years I have grown to love the uniqueness and beauty of each freckle!   I want every woman to see their beauty and uniqueness and I hope that Freckle Face inspires that feeling in women.

In nursery school they called me the Easel Weasel because they said they could not drag me away from my painting easel.  My passion for creating and designing grew from there.  Any and every DIY craft I could find, I wanted to try.  In 2009 I was inspired by a necklace in a bead store and that day my passion for designing jewellery was born. 

My work is an extension of who I am. I am inspired by current fashion trends but try to take those trends from something that would only be worn on the runway to something that can be worn in everyday life and enjoyed for seasons to come.  I appreciate and am influenced by a variety of fashion styles and that results in a variety for my customers and something for everyone. 

In case you are wondering how I came up with my business name, I have my husband David to thank.  I asked him one day at dinner what he thought would be a good name for my jewellery business.  I said I wanted something that represented my style, personality and how I feel about life.   My husband didn’t hesitate and said “Freckle Face” he said “It is fun, happy and Freckles are beautiful just like your jewellery” and the rest is history!  I loved it as soon as he said it!

I absolutely love finding new fresh pieces to work with and trying out various designs.   There is a feeling that comes for me when I know a piece is how it should be.  It looks right, feels right and I feel “full”.  Full of happy, pride and excitement to share my creation with women.  My intention is always to provide women with something that inspires them to feel confident and gives them the opportunity to express who they are.

I love to work with a variety of materials.  I adore colored metals including antique brass, silver, gold and copper and love mixed them together in my designs. I also love Czech Glass beads, wood, leather, cord and gemstones.  I work with whatever materials inspire me.

In March 2016 I left my job of 21 years in the corporate world to live my dream.  I have found my calling.  I love what I do and feel privileged to have the opportunity to do what I love.

The Easel weasel will forever live on in my creative heart! 

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Our Contact information is:

Email: angie@frecklefacejewellery.com
Phone: 1-289-355-3335
Location:  Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada


Thank you so much for your support and interest in Freckle Face Jewellery.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions!